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  1. 2009.12.20 [AKM8975] 3축 지자계 센서 제작
[SENSOR]/Sensor2009. 12. 20. 11:36

[AKM8975] 3축 지자계 센서 제작

[AKM8975] 3축 지자계 센서

3-axis magnetometer device suitable for compass application
Built-in A to D Converter for magnetometer data out
13 bit data out for each 3 axis magnetic components
- Sensitivity: 0.3 μT / LSB typ.
Serial interface
- I2C bus interface.
Standard mode and Fast mode compliant with Philips I2C specification Ver.2.1
- 4-wire SPI
Operation mode:
Power-down mode, Single Measurement mode, Self test mode and Fuse access mode.
DRDY function for measurement data ready
Magnetic sensor overflow monitor function
Built-in oscillator for internal clock source
Power on Reset circuit
Self test function with built-in internal magnetic field generator

AKM8975 SPI인터페이스

AKM8975 I2C인터페이스

STM32를 이용한 3축 지자계 센서  AK8975 테스트 보드

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