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3 W Per Channel into 3-W Speakers The TPA2008D2 is a third generation 5-V class-D
(THD+N = 10%) amplifier from Texas Instruments. Improvements to
previous generation devices include: – < 0.045% THD at 1.5 W, 1 kHz, 3-W Load dc volume con·
DC Volume Control With 2-dB Steps From trol, lower supply current, lower noise floor, higher efficiency, smaller packaging, and fewer external
-38 dB to 20 dB components. Most notably, a new filter-free class-D
· Filter Free Modulation Scheme Operates modulation technique allows the TPA2008D2 to di-
Without a Large and Expensive LC Output rectly drive the speakers, without needing a low-pass
Filter output filter consisting of two inductors and three
· Extremely Efficient Third Generation 5-V capacitors per channel. Eliminating this output filter
Class-D Technology saves approximately 30% in system cost and 75% in
PCB area.
– Low Supply Current, 7 mA
– Low Shutdown Control, 1 μA TidheealimfoprrovLeCmDenptsroajencdtofrusn, ctLioCnDalitmy omnaitkoerst,hipsodweevrieced
– Low Noise Floor, -80 dBV speakers, and other applications that demand more
– Maximum Efficiency into 3 W, 78% battery life, reduced board space, and functionality
– Maximum Efficiency into 8 W, 88% that surpasses currently available class-D devices.
– PSRR, -70 dB A chip-level shutdown control limits total supply
· Integrated Depop Circuitry cteurryr-epnotwteore1d μaAp,plmicaaktiionngs.theProdteevcitcioenideciarcl ufiotrry baint--
· Operating Temperature Range, -40°C to 85°C creases device reliability: thermal and short circuit.
· Space-Saving, Surface Mount PowerPAD™ Undervoltage shutdown saves battery power for more
Package essential devices when battery voltage drops to low

볼륨은 0~VDD 까지 입력으로 제어

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