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sflash.exe 테스트

sflash.exe 테스트

D:\>sflash -h
Usage: sflash filename -p [program address] -r [execution address]
    -c [COM port number] -d -l [Boot Loader filename] -b [baud rate]

-p [program address]:
    if address is not specified it is assumed to be 0x00000000
    if there is no 0x prefix is added then the address is assumed to be
    in decimal
-r [execution address]:
    if address is not specified then no run command will be sent.
-c [COM port number]:
    This is a single digit from 1-9 to specify the port number to use.
-l [Boot Loader filename]:
    This specifies a boot loader binary that will be loaded to the device
    before downloading the application specified by the filename parameter.
-b [baud rate]:
    Specifies the baud rate in decimal.
-d  Disable Auto-Baud support

    Example: Download test.bin using COM 1 to address 0x800 and run at 0x820
        update test.bin -p 0x800 -r 0x820 -c 1

D:\>sflash lm3.bin -c 4
Failed to synchronize with board.

한방에 잘 않된다. JTAG가 꼭있어야 하는건가?

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