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  1. 2008.03.04 [ S08QE128 ] Freescale의 새로운 저전력 MCU
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[ S08QE128 ] Freescale의 새로운 저전력 MCU

[S08QE128]Freescale의 새로운 저전력 MCU
저전력(광고용으로 업계 최저 라는데..)이고 8bit <-> 32bit 호환이 자유롭다는 Freescale사의 QE 시리즈를 한번 다뤄 볼까 한다.

Freescale is taking the lead on low power. Our QE microcontroller (MCU) family is your solution for next-generation applications that reach industry-leading energy efficiency levels. The QE family includes the QE128 devices, the first Flexis™ duo at the connection point of the Freescale Controller Continuum. The 32-bit MCF51QE128 is pin-, peripheral- and tool-compatible with the 8-bit S08QE128 device. They share a common set of peripherals and development tools delivering the ultimate in migration flexibility. The MC9S08QE8 is the newest member of the QE family offering the lowest power features in our 8-bit portfolio.


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