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  1. 2008.04.10 PIC24 USB Host Controller
  2. 2008.01.12 16bit PIC MCU중에서 가장 저렴한 PIC24FJ16
  3. 2007.10.01 PIC24 + Ethernet(H/W TCP/IP) EVB
[Microchip]/PIC24F2008. 4. 10. 21:08

PIC24 USB Host Controller

PIC24 USB Host Controller
Microchip사에서 HSB Host Controller포함된 MCU가 나왔다. 저가격에 USB 호스트 지원하며 쓰기 쉬운 MCU가 되지 않을까..
기존 PIC24, dsPIC33과 전원및 ICSP핀이 동일해서 약간만 손보면 바로 적용할 수 있을것 같다.


    - Up to 16 MIPS performance
    - 16 x 16 Hardware Multiply, Single Cycle Execution
    - 12-bit x 16-bit Hardware Divider
    - C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set
Flash Program Memory
    - Self-Reprogrammable under Software Control
    - 10,000 erase/write cycles
    - 20 year data retention
    - EEprom emulation capable
    - Internal oscillator support - 31 kHz to 8 MHz, up to 32 MHz with 4X PLL
    - On-chip LDO Voltage Regulator
    - JTAG Boundary Scan and Flash Memory Program Support
    - Fail-Safe Clock Monitor ? allows safe shutdown if clock fails
    - Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator
nanoWatt Power Managed Modes
    - Run, Idle and Sleep modes
    - Multiple, Switchable Clock Modes for Optimum Performance and Power Management
Analog Features
    - 10-bit ADC, 16 channels, 500k samples per second
    - Three Analog comparators
Universal Serial Bus Features
-USB v2.0 On-the-Go compliant
-dual role capable, can act as either Host or Device
-Low speed(1.5Mb/s) and full speed(12 Mb/s) operation in host mode
-Full speed USB operaton in Device mode
-Supports 32 endpoints
-On-chip USB transceiver
    - CTMU supports Capacitive Touch applications
    - Perpheral Pin Select allows I/O remapping of many peripherals in real time
    - 4xUART Modules with LIN and IrDA support, 4 Deep FIFO
    - 3xSPI ™ Modules with 8 Deep FIFO
    - 3xI2C™ Modules with Master and Slave Modes
    - Five 16-bit Timer Modules
    - Up to 9 Input Capture and 5 Output Compare/PWM with dedicated time base
    - Hardware RTCC, Real-Time Clock Calendar with Alarms
    - PMP, Parallel Master Port, with 16 Address Lines, and 8/16-bit Data

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[Microchip]/PIC24F2008. 1. 12. 20:20

16bit PIC MCU중에서 가장 저렴한 PIC24FJ16

16bit PIC MCU중에서 가장 저렴한 PIC24FJ16가 있는데 16k Flash, 4k RAM, 16MIPS에 1.6$로 상당히 매리트 있는 칩이다.
다음에 샘플주문 해서 소형, 저렴한 가격에 고성능을 원하는 어플리케이션에 적용하면 좋을것 같다.
전에 만들었던  dsPIC33-s EVM PCB에서 사용 가능하다.

레귤레이터가 내장되어 있어 dsPIC30과 달리 CORE전압을 내부에서 공급가능하다

참고로 전에 받아 두었던 dsPIC30스펙 이다.

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TAG pic, PIC24

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[Microchip]/PIC24F2007. 10. 1. 16:28

PIC24 + Ethernet(H/W TCP/IP) EVB

Full-Duplex Data Transfer up to 6Mbps with PIC24
Internet Application Protocols : ANSI C Source Codes such as TCP, UDP, DHCP
By using external 96pin connectors, PIC24’s all pins can be used coping with developer’s needs
Provides various application source codes : Loopback, Webserver, Ping
Support ICSP Interface
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